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Terms and Conditions

Any information or content published on our website is a property of ProwebdesignIndia. We can take legal action in case anyone tries to copy or steal our website content for commercial purposes. ProwebdesignIndia is dedicated in providing only quality services which don’t cause any harm to its clients. But in case of any consequences, incidental damage, loss of profits, or royalties, ProwebdesignIndia holds no responsibility.

Privacy Policy

At Prowebdesignindia, we are dedicated to preserving the privacy of our customers and visitors. Our privacy policy states about our commitment and transparency towards retaining any form of communication that any visitor or customer makes with us. Through our privacy policy, it is clear that we can use the IP address of our website visitors for providing assistance to them in case required to examine certain issues that occur while accessing our web servers. We may ask the contact details of our website users in order to provide them the authentic information about our company.