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Fit your business into Mobiles, Tablets, and Desktops with Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days of static websites! Today every good website needs to fit in all kinds of environment and responds to the user’s behavior. The philosophy behind responsive web design is that the design and development of a website should be such that it responds to the user’s behavior and the environment as per the screen size, platform, and orientation. This practice involves the use of flexible grids and layouts, images and intelligent use of CSS media queries.

Precisely, this means that a website should be able to automatically switch its image size, resolution, and scripting abilities when the user switches from his laptop to iPad. This is possible only when the website is integrated with the technology that enables it to respond to the user’s preferences accordingly. This not just enhances the usability of your website but also eliminates the need for different design and development phase for different gadgets separately. So, responsive web design is an entirely new approach towards design.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

Importance of Responsive Web Design for your Website

Device-Agnostic Approach

These days desktops, smartphones, or tablets come with multiple screen sizes, but it is not actually possible to build your website according to these multiple devices. Here comes the role of responsive web design which makes it easy for you to make your website compatible with all types of devices irrespective of screen size and resolution. A good, responsive web design company in India will help you to design a responsive website for your business.

Responsive design is the need of the hour

Today the web has adopted a modern standard driven web development that uses HTML5 and CSS 3, which has made the design responsive. Desktops to mobiles to HDTV, a responsive website is the demand of the present times. This is because a responsive website is simple, clean, and easy to design and use due to a single URL, single HTML code, single content which aligns with all screen size and resolution. So, having a responsive design becomes mandatory for your website. Moreover, even Google recommends building websites with responsive web design.

Better user experience

Imagine a user opens your website in his tablet, but the website lacks the responsive design. This certainly means that your website will not be able to adjust as per the screen size and resolutions of the tablet. On the other hand, a good build website with responsive design will automatically adjust itself as per the resolution of the device. The users love to come back to the website, which respond to their needs and requirements. This means more and more customers for your business website.

Get Noticed in Search Engines

As already stated that Google also recommends using responsive web design which is compatible with all types of devices and screen sizes. In fact, the search engine now mentions “Mobile-Friendly” label to websites using the approach when they are searched on a mobile device. Google considers sites with multi-device support as a healthy SEO practice. If your website is built with responsive web design, it is obvious that you will rank higher as compared to other websites which don’t follow the same approach.

We at “Pro Web Design” have a team of responsive web designers India which will help you in building great user experience for your website. We understand that the design and development of a website go hand in hand and thus, we work to create a responsive design for mobile or desktop. Experienced team of designers will help you in creating a seamless platform that unifies the content at one place and also upgrades user-experience by providing them a great web browsing experience.

Responsive web designing services include the usage of tools and technology which include flexible images and media, media queries, and flexible grid-based layouts to make your website more accessible. Our well-trained and experienced team of responsive web designers are well aware of the state-of-the-art technologies for creating simple, smart and highly responsive websites.

We are here to build simple, quick and user-friendly websites for your business. Get a quote today!