Predictions for the Web Design World in 2020

web design prediction

Although no one has a crystal ball to tell the exact future but we can certainly predict trends to unfold it. We have witnessed endless changes and developments in the way websites, web applications and mobile apps are designed. A good design is a reflection of the brand’s identity, quality, and much more. Every company or individual seeks neat designs as per the latest trends to stay ahead of the market competition.

Here are some design predictions for the year 2020 which are likely to bring a revolution in the design world provided if they happen.

1. Minimalist Design will Rule

Minimalist design will continue to be used in 2020 because of its simplicity, great usability, impressive action, easy navigation and its ability to work perfectly in a responsive environment. The use of minimal layouts and complexion reduction facilitates better visual communication as it puts focus on the user content rather than the UI.

2. Neither the content nor the image, Video will be the King!

A picture has the ability to depict what thousand words can’t say. But a video does the job tenfold. This is because a video is a more dynamic platform to interact with users unlike the static images. Video gives you the power of visual storytelling and easily conveying your message to the masses. Websites with video in the homepage background catch hold of user attention easily.

3. Virtual Reality will lose its charm

Yes, VR is amazing because of its ability to disconnect the user from the surroundings and switch to an altogether different world. But the design world will no longer be ruled by VR. The first thing is the cost involved with the VR headset and the effort involved in using it. No one prefers to put on a VR headset simply for ordering a pizza. A mobile app is good enough to do the purpose. VR is only a supplementary technology meant only for the special experience like playing games, watching movies and not for browsing or flicking through Facebook etc.

4. The Rise of Chat bot

In 2020, more and more companies will adopt the use of conventional interfaces like “Chatbot”. We already have seen the use of chatbot technology in consumer apps. This technology uses auditory or textual methods to help the user perform general tasks easily like ordering a pizza.
Chat bot allows users to use a single app for multiple purposes eliminating the need to switch between apps or deal with multiple interfaces.

5. Trend of Micro interactions will continue

The trend of micro interactions will continue in 2020 as in 2016. Micro interactions have a major role in UX design specially in mobile devices to attract the users through thousands of micro interactions engaged in an app. Micro interactions can make our lives easier by accomplishing tasks, connecting devices together, control music volume, adjust setting or view a status message.

6. Conclusion

While some web design trends become widely popular, there are others which just come and go without leaving a notice. This year would also witness a lot of trends which may or may not exist till the next year. But one thing is certain, this year we shall witness some of the best trends in design interface.


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