Check out these 10 Popular Chatbots from India

Chatbots have gained popularity for quite some time now and are expected to maintain their charm in the year 2017 as well. Chatbots is more like a personal assistant which acts as a fashion counselor or a restaurant finder.

Rumors even claim that bots may even replace apps in the near future. The following blog lists about the popular Chatbot from India which has become an integral part of our lives.

Engazify Bot: For your teammates

Engazify Bot is a fast and quick bot founded by Purva Surse and Siddharth Shekhawat. It is intended to build a better connection with your team by appreciating their wins and achievements. You can chat, ask questions and also give feedback.

Aisha: The Indian Siri

Aisha is a voice assistant by Micromax helps you to perform tasks like making calls, finding movie reviews and even reading the news. It can be called as an Indian version of Siri with Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant which lists it among the popular bots in India.

Gupshup: Advanced Messaging Platform

Gupshup is an advanced bot meant for developers to perform all functions including building, testing, deploying and even managing chatbots across all messaging channels. Its application programming interfaces let software programs to interact with each other for messaging platforms, including SMS, Facebook Messenger etc. Personal Travel Agent has been founded by Snehal Dhruve and Bineet Desai. It is a personal travel agent which is available across nine platforms including Facebook Messenger and Skype. It can understand the traveler’s preferences and allow you to book flights, hotels, taxis etc.You can review pricing and tickets through the chat screen.

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ixibaba by ixigo: Find Answers to Travel Queries

Launched by ixigo, ixibaba is a chatbot to answer all customer queries related to travel. This AI bot enhances the user experience by providing quirky answers to all travel related queries instantaneously. You can get real-time information about travel routes, weather, flight timings etc. Fully-Automated Bot

Niki is a fully automated chatbot which was launched in 2015. It has been designed on the concept of AI which uses on human intervention. This is meant for people who want to pay electricity bills, or pre-paid, post-paid or DTH recharge or even order a burger.

Skedool: For Business Executives

Skedool was launched by Deepti Yenireddy and Naveen Varma Alluri. The bot is ideal for business executives and recruiting professionals for automation of repetitive routine tasks. The bot is a perfect blend of artificial and human intelligence to handle the B2B schedules and manage the calendar.

MagicX: First bots on the Facebook Messenger

Through MagicX’s AI, you can carry routine tasks involving recharge, bill payments, food ordering easily via chat. The bot has been designed to learn from human interaction and respond accordingly. There are 20 e-commerce, grocery, recharge, travel and bill payment platforms tied up with it.

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