5 Tips for Creating Ultimate GIF design

GIF has become a popular format for interacting with users because of its ability to convey the message in seconds. That’s why GIF has penetrated videos, images, and ad campaigns because of their dynamism. Here are essential tips for designers and developers for creating amazing GIFs.

Keep it Simple

If you are a beginner, then it is best to start creating few elements and then slowly build a complicated animation. Take a challenge to allow your skills to flourish over a month which will give you a better and deeper understanding of GIF.

Motion Blur gives a Professional Look

While designing GIFs like ScreenFlow, you can use features like motion blur which gives a professional look to your GIF. This can help you to maintain a decent file size for which you may have to drop frames from your GIF in Photoshop otherwise.

Choose Colors Wisely

It is not necessary to use a lot of colors while designing a GIF instead choosing fewer colors wisely can add more fun to it. Therefore, be choosy in selecting colors for your GIF which will not just reduce the file size but also help you create long and more involved GIFs.

Audience is the Most Important

The purpose of all images, ad campaigns, videos and GIFs is to reach out to potential customers. Therefore, your targeted audience has to be your first priority. If your target is youth or relaxed audiences then you can create GIF in the cheeky, trendy or sarcastic niche. Avoid lewd remarks or offensive humor related to political, racial etc which can provoke people against you rather in your favor. So, know your appropriate audience and then accordingly create the right GIF.

Choose Quality over Anything and Everything

Your GIF is not about your idea or dream, it is meant for the audience. Therefore, don’t create something which is glitchy, or disappointingly small. Try to maintain quality in your GIF keeping in mind the audience. Avoid super-short clip that continuously repeats itself as it may only compel the user to scroll quickly to make it go away.

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