Common Web Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Small Businesses

A compelling website with a responsive design has become a basic necessity for every business organization. That’s why businesses pay a hefty amount for designing their website professionally. A professional looking website can easily attract a lot of potential customers and generate leads for your business.

Since building a professional website demands a lot of financial investment so many startups and small businesses design their own websites. This at times may lead to an unprofessional website because it may lack the concepts of a good web design.

Web design is an art which involves shaping your creativity using tools and technologies into an ideal website. The aim of web designers is to create a website which fits the needs of the user and potential customer. There are a few important considerations while creating a web design which is often ignored by many people who self-design their website.

Here’s a list of common errors in web design which can impact your business negatively.

Crowdy Website

In order to portray a lot of business information, many people simply display a lot of images, icons, content on the website. This can simply puzzle the user and make him leave the website. An ideal website is one in which the user can understand about your information in just one go. Avoid busy designs, tons of text, images etc which makes the website look crowded.

Too Minimalistic

No doubt, minimalistic design is in trend now! But it is successful only if done in the proper manner. At times, small business websites create a minimalistic design in which the visitor has to rely too much on their imagination to understand the website. A good design will make your visitors understand about your business at the first glance.

Improper Content

Content is the king and the king has to be the best. Content is the connection between you and your customer. A compelling content can help you reach out to potential customers and convert them into leads. Moreover, content is a crucial part of any marketing campaign. One has to be careful while choosing the font, size, format of the content for the website.

Make sure you use a legible and attractive font and use the white space creatively so that the large text block of text is less intimidating. Also make sure your that there are use decent visual elements, proper text brakes, and updated content on your website.

Confused Outlook

A “confused” website has a variety of unrelated images, typefaces, color palettes, and themes which only tend to create chaos on the website. Such situations arise if the designer lacks a good idea about the brand. Choosing excess design templates, logo, typeface is the biggest trap. That’s why you should choose a single theme, logo, template and typeface for the entire website which balances the website as a whole.

Irrelevant Images

Just like content, photos and graphics are also an important part of the website design. Images have the power to say what a thousand words cannot. Many small businesses use irrelevant images or low-quality images which only confuses the user and ultimately reduce the number of visitors to your website. Therefore, always use high-quality images which are relevant to the content and the brand you represent.

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