Are you a travel enthusiast? If yes, you would know there is nothing more than looking for new and adventurous places to visit and experience everything about them. It is rightly said that the more you travel, the more you live. You can travel within your country and worldwide, whatever tempts you. But if you are interested in getting to foreign locations and experiencing their culture, food, and people, among other things, you should make a list for that. If you have a list already, you have to put Russia in there too.

Russia is not only the largest county in the world but is also known vividly for its culture and heritage. You cannot fall short on reasons to travel to this beautiful country. In the following paragraphs, you will know why you must put this country on your visiting list.

The architecture

The cities in Russia are blessed with unique and opulent architecture at every turn. You will find the extravagance and grandeur of architecture from the Russian Empire in Moscow. Want to know more about Russian culture? Well, you can always visit the country’s former capital St. Petersburg – the cultural epicenter.

The city is packed with a mix of different styles – the Mikhailovsky Palace and Yelagin Palace with Neoclassical structures and columns. The city offers an image of Soviet architecture through the House of Soviets. Find yourself looking at the lavish baroque style with the Winter Palace.

Richness in Culture

You know all the people living in Russia as Russians, but over the widespread landmass, you will get to know about over 150 ethnic groups with around 100 languages. You will find a diverse culture in Russia, with people being routed to their indigenous roots.


Breathtaking landscapes

Russia is the world’s largest country with a large landmass. Everywhere you see, you will have yourself surrounded by its beauty. You will know about the country’s vastness when you move towards the wilderness; the stretched breathtaking blues of Lake Baikal, Siberian Taiga forests, and volcanic moonscapes of Kamchatka. The country’s sheer size ensures that it has an incredible diversity of climatic zones and landscapes.

Are you an adventurous soul who enjoys a good hiking or trekking trip? If yes, and you are looking to climb higher, you should go to Mt. Elbrus. It is a well-known hiking destination in Russia, surrounded by impressive views.

Russian cuisine

If you haven’t have tasted Russian cuisine, your trip will bring you closer to the food and drink there. The food has lots of soup, potatoes, salads filled with mayo, and cabbage in every possible form with a slice of bread to the side. You will love Russian tea. As the temperature remains cold throughout the air, you cannot go without having a lot of tea. Besides Russian food, you can also taste Uzbek, Armenian, and Georgian cuisines.