If you have to  sell a house , you will surely have come across  several real estate agencies  that pride themselves on having the customer ready to buy it. Nothing could be simpler, the possibility of receiving contacts with interested customers  without having to entrust the assignment exclusively .

It is common to think “ more agencies, more appointments, faster I sell! “

Let’s clarify the mandate:

If your intention is to involve as many real estate agencies as possible , thinking of multiplying sales opportunities, then know that your strategy could prove counterproductive.

Most sellers think that relying on multiple agencies, without having to sign a binding mandate, but simply with a verbal mandate, means:

– more visits from interested customers


– greater visibility of the property;

– more agencies, more sales effort.

It’s actually   not that simple . Each real estate market differs in terms of clientele, requests and availability.

Many strategies used in markets where demand and availability abound are not effective in markets with more sought-after customers and limited availability, not to mention the various risks one runs into by entrusting one’s home to various agencies.

The customer who has viewed the house with Agency A decides to buy it, but since Agency B has fewer claims in terms of commission, the price is more attractive. What happens in this case?

Agency A will be able to ask the owner for its own share of the commission in accordance with current legislation .

It may also happen that the customer does not buy because he will receive different information from the two agencies and this will lead him not to continue the negotiations.

The truth about the non-exclusive mandate is:

– The agencies  do not undertake  to sell a house in the same way in which they undertake an exclusive mandate;

– The agencies are less motivated  to invest in the advertising of the property, they do not sponsor your property on social networks, sector sites and do not set up dedicated web pages;

The danger of losing a potential buyer to incorrect or discrepant information provided by different agencies.

The counterparty’s exclusive mandate ensures:

– Mutual commitment . In professional relationships and in the most important decisions of life, such as selling a house, written agreements are essential.