Entertainment is a thought or action or series of actions and thoughts that keep an audience interested by providing them leisure and excitement.

Entertainment caters to all or any of the five senses of a human beings and delivers pleasure or happiness or recreational value to them.

In our busy and schedule-packed lives, entertainment is a periodic requirement. The culture of entertainment dates back to ancient human civilisation. Magic shows and circuses or melas and large annual thrift markets have been the oldest sources of entertainment. People back then used to travel long distances to watch these fascinating shows and tricks as they incited great interest and excitement in people.

Today, TV shows, OTT platforms, radio FM, circuses, social media, shopping fests, sports events are a few sources of entertainment.


Millennial sources of entertainment

  1. Travelling: The World today is a global village and anywhere and everywhere is accessible today to us all. All we need is enough finances to do so. A rich man’s source of entertainment but an incredibly exhilarating experience is travelling. Going to new places, trying new and peculiar cuisines is a treat for one’s taste buds. Besides that, exploring the new landscapes and local markets is another great way to get to know different cultures around the world.
  2. Shopping fests: Today we are all addicted to shopping fests! We view them as opportunities to buy impulsively and derive pleasure and excitement from offers, discounts and free products.
  3. Movie theatres: Movie theatres provide a complete package of entertainment. It can be visited solo or with friends and tickets need to be bought with some popcorn and cold drinks to compliment with the whole movie watching experience on the big screen
  4. Ott platforms: Today all OTT platforms are a great source of entertainment to a very huge audience. The shows can range from reality TV shows, Series, movies, daily soaps, horror, crime, psychological thrillers, romance and other genres that keep an audience continuously engaged by creating curiosity and providing closure.
  5. Social media platforms: Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many more, are also a creative source of entertainment. These platforms in the form of Shorts, Reels and full-length Videos of songs, serials and movies have managed to gather a huge crowd of diverse audience all over the world and keep them entertained.

The importance of recreational activities or entertainment acquiring leisure is immense in these millennial. There are other sources of entertainment as well besides the ones that have been mentioned above, like TV Shows, music, dance, recreational parks, amusement parks and the list goes on and on.